In momentous news, we are proud to announce that the case that Sue launched with lawyers Duncan Lewis reached the Royal Courts of Justice last week for a Judicial Review. Sue persuaded lawyers from Duncan Lewis Solicitors to visit the Jungle when she realised that most of the young people there had a legal case to already be in the UK.  The lawyers arrived and were able to take on 37 cases of minors with extreme vulnerability. Our case to have them brought here under the Dubs Amendment was rejected in the lower court and on appeal. However we were granted the right to a Judicial review where we have challenged the Home Office saying that their implementation of the Dubs Amendment is unlawful. For more, see this Guardian article and Goldsmith’s University news.

Information on the court case can be found on the Duncan Lewis website: here and here.

We expect a judgement in 2 months. Thanks to everyone who ash supported the film and the campaign. We will not rest until these children get justice.  – Sue Clayton

Dear all
Hope everyone is well! We have done 70 screenings so far at venues as diverse as cinemas, film festivals, pubs, synagogues, trade union conferences , and at Calais for volunteers and refugees. There are a ton of further new screenings – see for more – listed on this site.

BIG NEWS: NEXT WEEK WE ARE FINALLY IN THE HIGH COURT!!! After I got Duncan Lewis lawyers to come to the Jungle and they were able to take on pro bono 37 of the most vulnerable of the children, we have been though various legal processes particularly with “ ZS” the lead case, (who you see in the film walking at night in the streets of Luchon, saying he has tried to kill himself several times). The case has now reached the High Court where our challenge to the Home Office will be heard on Weds 28th Feb and Thurs 1st March. The film and my witness statement have gone in, and everyone who had contributed to funding and making the film should be so very proud that we have made an intervention into the Judicial process at the highest level.

Anyone is welcome too attend the actual case (though its 2 days- a lot of commitment!- you can drop in if you want to see justice at work…In court of course we all have to be on super-best behaviour or they will just throw it out.) And there is going to be a demo both days outside the court, organised by Stand Up to Racism Outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL, on 28th Feb and March 1st at 9.30am.

There is a small chance the case will be adjourned as the Home Office has done this before so I will keep the updated- the latest date it can be adjourned is this Monday 26h Feb.

There is also going to be a screening in Parliament, hosted by Lord Roger Roberts and Lord Alf Dubs- it was to have been end of January but was moved because of the EU debates, likely now to be in April. Again I’ll list it on the site.

MORE BIG NEWS: I have been at nearly all the screenings and intend to keep doing so- and we still are able to raise money at then to support the kids in the film as I promised all along to do. But long term need to get the film wider release. So- we have been able to secure a deal with ARTE, the amazing French/German arts/culture/politics channel!!!! They are going to act as sales agents to market the film internationally!! Which is brilliant as I hope this can be seen all over Europe and hopefully Mexico, Canada, Australia and other places involved in the ‘border’ issue. As a not-profit, we’ll continue to put money back into the Calais issue- we seek to support, as well as the kids, a day centre refuge for them in Calais, and a new project- a container that will be turned into a wellness centre for the long term volunteers, many of whom are now suffering from burn out and exhaustion and need a place where they can switch off for 20 minutes and process th kind of horrendous stuff they have to deal with every day. So we hope any sales will be able to expand the support we do, and help both the causes. It is costing me personally £14,500 to clear the archive for world sales and provide all the formats they need in five languages- English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. I hesitate to ask for donations again as many of you would I suspect I suspect rather give money to the kids. But if anyone is still interested in donating to get this out to with world, as ever use the links on this page (use the Paypal option- you don’t need to have a Paypal account) – and as ever the books are open to anyone who wants to see how the money is received and how spent.

All very best to everyone and thanks for your ongoing support. Could not have happened without you.