Update 27 October

Thanks everyone for amazing support. Problems last night in Calais camp as more of the wooden buidlings were burnt down- some of it is for fire and warmth, some in anger and protest, some is things just spreading- since part of the camp was destroyed in March, people more pushed in together and one shack fire will then take out several more. There is now confusion re the containers- they hold 1500 people and now are supposed to be for unaccompanied kids only – but there are 300 kids not in there yet and these 300 have been displaced by fires. Only consolation is that this is now a big news story and the French authorities at least are takng the issue to heart and are responding to these issues better and faster, Worst of all is UK who, while enjoying the fact that the French deal with our dirty work (ie run the UK border at Calais) – have helpfully responded by sending…. TWO police officers. Wow that will really help, Think Glasto for angry displaced poor desperate people, think 100 or more CRS and Gendarmes, and oh yes, 2 British cops. Plod. Plod Plod. UK have just signed another cheque for £40 million, plus the £11 million wall, plus we pay for the CRS. and now – two cops!

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Sue Clayton is a feature and documentary film maker. She has worked on various child and youth asylum projects over 15 years, consulting and producing news stories for ITV and BBC . Her award-winning independent film Hamedullah: The Road Home www.hamedullahtheroadhome.com has been screened at over 200 activist and debate events, and is regularly shown in UK Immigration Courts and in the Upper Tribunal cases as evidence that forced removal of young people to Kabul is not, as the Home Office says, safe. She is also creating an archive of interviews with young asylum seekers in the UK see www.bigjourneys.org and she works with a ESRC-funded research team researching best outcomes for young asylum seekers www.uncertainjourneys.org.uk